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name Patrick Herring

snail address please email me for it

email addresses home: ph at, work: p.herring at

'phone home: please email me for it, work: see my work web page

date of birth 29th May, 1963

mobility full UK driving license

availability 1st February 2004

interests Cycling, music (play piano & organ), architecture

patrick herring's cv qualifications
Sep 1992 - Sep 1993

MSc 'Foundations of Advanced Information Technology', Imperial College, University of London:

Logic programming, object-oriented programming, relational & deductive databases, expert systems & KBMS, planning & scheduling, neural networks, classical logic, modal logic, algebraic structures.

Sep 1987 - Nov 1987 City & Guilds 417 'Applications programming in Structured Cobol', Bristol Training Centre.

Oct 1983 - Jun 1986 BA Honours in Philosophy, University of Durham.

Sep 1971 - Jul 1981 'A' levels: Pure maths (Cambridge), Applied maths (Cambridge), Physics (Nuffield), 10 'O' levels, Bristol Grammar School.

Other courses IDMS-DB/DC, ADS (including Advanced ADS), Cullinet, Borehamwood.
C and Advanced C, Imperial College Computing department.

patrick herring's cv skills
languages Cobol (68, 74, 85, IBM VS COBOL, COBOL II), REXX, SQL, HTML (3.2, 4*), Javascript, DOS/VSE & MVS JCL, ADS/Online, Easytrieve, Prolog, Logic&Objects, 370 Assembler, BASIC.

operating systems VM/CMS ESA, MVS/XA & TSO, DOS/VSE, GUTS (like TSO), IDMS-DC 10.2 (a CICS-like TPM), Pansophic OWL, DOS 3.3/5.0, OS/2 2.x/3.0, Windows 3.x/95/98/2000/XP, UNIX (SunOs 4.3, Solaris 8)

databases DB2 v2.2 (relational),
IDMS/R rel 10.2, 12, 14 (CODASYL/network with relational interface),
Ramis (relational, precursor to Focus)

networking/comms 3270 protocol, SNA APPC LU6.2, Swift (FxNet), UUCP, Kermit, ftp (Netview & TCP/IP), Brown's box, CGI, Web servers (Sambar & Apache), various browsers, newsreaders and mailers, FormMail.

PC: MicroFocus Cobol Workbench
OS/2: Watcom VX-REXX, VRexx2
CMS: CA-Librarian, Macro4 Tubes, InfoPac
MVS: CA-7 scheduler, Infoman, VSAM
VSE: Selcopy, VSAM, Power, Epic, Macro4 Multilog
UNIX: Gimp

machines IBM 3090, 4381, 9370, PS/2 & various PC clones, Apple Macs, Sun SparcStations.

patrick herring's cv history
Apr 2002 - Jan 2004 Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, 211 Portobello Road, Sheffield S1 4DP.

Research assistant on the CLARITY project. Design & code an HTML interface, using a CGI script, to show information supplied by a multi-lingual search engine. HTML/CGI, Apache, Unix (Solaris), Rexx, Javascript.

Also studying for a PhD:"Use of inference in discourse interpretation" - automatic generation of domain ontologies etc.

Oct 1999 - Feb 2002 Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, 211 Portobello Road, Sheffield S1 4DP.

Research assistant on the TRESTLE project. Design & code Natural Language Processing programs in a small team: an HTML interface, using CGI, to information extracted from a daily newsfeed. HTML/CGI, Unix (Solaris), Prolog, Rexx, Javascript, Tcl/Tk, Oracle, Flex.

Also studying for a PhD:"Use of inference in discourse interpretation" - automatic generation of domain ontologies etc.

Sep 1998 - May 1999 Sceales Endacott Systems Integration Ltd (SESI), 63 Gee Street, Clerkenwell, London.

Designer, analyst & programmer for various ASUBS/Featurenet projects (Cobol, ADS, Rexx, Easytrieve, IDMS, MVS, both batch and on-line). Pioneered use of IDMS-SQL in pilot project to connect to IDMS from MS Access etc (created standard error handling approach & code). On own initiative wrote an interactive & filterable 'tips & tricks' web page for internal use utilising CGI (Rexx under Sambar, Apache doesn't work for CGI under Win95!), also an integrated development environment screen to draw together multiple source code environments (Rexx under ISPF).

Sep 1996 - Aug 1998 British Telecom, Holborn & Old Street, London.

Team programmer for various CSS projects (MVS, COBOL, IDMS, CICS).

Team programmer for HQ Interfaces (MVS, COBOL, IDMS, REXX): clarified central file logging system, introduced system control diagrams, pioneered Rexx as an application language, patched (in machine code) COBOL runtime libraries to overide machine date for Y2K testing.

May 1994 - Aug 1996 CSC/Ford Motor Company (Parts and Services) Ltd, Royal Oak Way South, Daventry, Northants.

Team programmer for RAPID dealer online ordering system. (IDMS, ADSO & Cobol). Main programmer for a company-division performance statistics system (IDMS, ADSO & Cobol). Currently doing analysis, design & coding of a PC-to-mainframe LU6.2 conversational system for an OS/2-based front-end to use the mainframe database.

Oct 1993 - Apr 1994 Developing a software idea (a language translator) whilst waiting for a suitable contract.

Sep 1992 - Sep 1993 Studying for an MSc at Imperial College.

Nov 1990 - Aug 1992 American Express Bank, Voyager House, High Street, Poole, Dorset.

Freelance programmer/designer

Team programmer for a back-office Treasury system project in DC-Cobol under IDMS-DC under VM/CMS (whilst preserving the possibility of translation to Cobol/SQL/DB2/MVS). Wrote main on-line system kernel (user/transaction security, menus, transaction screen paths, essentially an ASDA clone); distributed batch job control system in DC- & DB-Cobol, Rexx and Assembler (automated communications between on-line and batch environments, overnight batch run scheduling, job concurrency constraint handling, operator interface, print file control, system behaviour logging, documentation in WordPerfect and Freelance); FxNet system interface (background comms task under IDMS-DC using 3270 terminal protocol emulation to send and receive Swift messages to a VAX from an IBM 4381 (FxNet is an electronic inter-bank payment netting system); real-time interface to OS/2 based front-office dealing system using APPC LU6.2; many foreign-exchange, money-deposit and foreign-currency options interactive screen handlers; utilities like date and number parsing/formatting routines; programmer's utilities for team use such as automated change documentation and global source indexer/viewer (Rexx). Used IDMS-PC, Brief and MicroFocus Cobol under MS-DOS on an IBM PS/2 as a development environment.

Oct 1989 - Sep 1990 Audits of Great Britain Ltd, Westgate, Hanger Lane, Ealing, London.


Responsible for two production systems: the electrical goods retail sales reporting system (GUTS, Ramis, Cobol, IBM 3090) which was the main revenue earner for AGB at the time, and the front-end & maintenance of the company's strategic barcode database (MVS JCL, ISPF, DB2/SQL, Cobol, IBM 3090) built up from retailers' master tapes. Liased with users on system enhancements and maintenance. General maintenance, system upgrades, rewrote barcode database load system to modularise it with minimal control linkage.

May 1988 - Sep 1989 Ford Motor Company (Parts and Services) Ltd, Royal Oak Way South, Daventry, Northants.

Graduate trainee analyst/programmer

General program maintenance of stock-control and order-processing systems (DOS/VSE, Cobol, IDMS, IBM 4381). Contributed new programs, file converters and database loaders (IDMS DC-Cobol) to a major system cloning from UK to Spain (IBM 9370). Wrote office utilities such as a site-wide bulletin-board (Rexx, CMS & Xedit). Became office expert in CMS in transfer to CMS from Pansophic OWL; wrote utility to transfer files to Cologne (Rexx, JCL + Power, & VTAM). Ran a small project to produce a system enhancement: functional analysis in conjunction with the users, systems analysis, coding (Cobol, IDMS & ADS) and launch (again coordinating with the end-users). Was promoted to Assistant DBA in Aug 1989 but felt the (social) need to move to London.

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