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spiritual healing

Welcome to my page about spiritual healing and my practice of it

what this is all about, my attempt to explain it.
my background (a bit geeky), what I charge (donations only).
ask for a house, i.e. yours, to be investigated and/or healed.
This is explained in the about section.
other people's research, and totalled results from here
various bits and pieces which don't go anywhere else
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spiritual healing


Spiritual healing is complementary medicine: it heals at the spiritual level directly by changing meanings intentionally (often using dowsing techniques), whereas other types of medicine address other levels. That can have an effect on other levels indirectly, just as directly healing the physical, e.g. a broken leg, can have an indirect effect on others, e.g. the emotions because the leg-owner is glad to get the use back. The effects are varied: anything from a feeling of deep cleanliness to the relief of depression and an increase in personal energy, and to the solving of paranormal problems in general.
It has become clear in recent years that there is a wide spectrum of health matters, from what the NHS etc can treat, through the preventative measures many have tried (e.g. giving up smoking), to the health benefits of exercise and good diet, and on to the more subtle matters of the complementary medical world. Evidence is gathering that the latter, though subtle, has a real part to play.


There are various types of spiritual healing:
  1. adding "energy" without directing how it is to be used (Reiki, The Healing Trust),
  2. changing qualities in place (making negative earth "energies" (also known as geopathic stress) positive, e.g. those going through houses, healing chakras in people),
  3. removing things that shouldn't be there (clearing places and personal auras of ghosts and other entities).
You can see that most of these apply to people and some to houses and places. This page is about only the latter i.e. I'm offering 2 & 3 for your house, but I hope to add the former at some point (I can & have done them but they need premises).
The phrase "house healing" is rather odd, but it's short for "intervening with qualities associated with a house so that they have a positive effect on the inhabitants".


It's entirely valid to ask for a house to be healed just out of curiousity, in fact I would encourage it, it's a chance to encounter this kind of faerie magic without getting too close! Specific reasons people have include problems with sleep, personal energy, persistent illness, unexplained odours and noises, the list is long and rather general.


It isn't completely known how this stuff works or even what it is. Most just get on with using it, because they've found it works. I have found it works but I don't find it so easy to avoid thinking about it. What follows is my understanding so far. You don't have to understand it for it to work, instinct is probably better.


We're all familiar with the various levels in life: the physical body, the chemical nature of food, the communicating nerves, being a biological individual, taking part in social contexts, and problems and remedies in each of them. But there are others: emotions, dreams, thoughts, meanings, qualities, experienced as the subjective, in which there also can be problems and remedies.


Science proceeds by eliminating the subjective, a major source of error it must be said, to find objective truths, those things which are true for everyone and can be proved by repeatable test. Having been so successful at this it can look as if the objective is where all truth is, and that the subjective is all fanciful invention. Spiritual healing isn't - yet - in the book of science.


But consider the example of the sky being blue: where is the blueness? It isn't in the physical, that's electromagnetic waves at a particular frequency, nor is it in the eye, that's neurons electro-chemically firing in a particular way. Nor is it in the brain, if that is seen as like a computer it would be showing sequences of 1s and 0s. Nor is it a social construct since I can see the sky as blue on my own, even if my own experience is in fact different from that of others, though I might then not have a word for it.


In philosophy this is known as the problem of qualia, and is unsolved. Even though it may be possible to show objectively that a particular person is currently seeing the colour blue, perhaps from records of their neural activity when known to be seeing blue, you can't show objectively what it is like for that person. And that suggests other parts of our personal inner life, e.g. emotions and thoughts, have the same problem.


It's easy to say there is another level, meanings, which has its own life. The big question is whether meanings can exist or continue to exist if you take away the levels that are apparently not just supporting but causing. One answer is "how could it not?". The meaning isn't a physical thing so how could it have been caused by the physical? Which would open up the possibility that there is much more for science to discover.


A word that's often used in this context is "energy", but that isn't meant to be physical energy. Rather it's more like intensional or semantic energy, i.e. something with a capacity to change meaning or perceptable quality. Another is "spiritual", which means, effectively, the level of meanings, though there are levels within that too.


The basis of dowsing is techniques (like the unforced movements of pendulums or bent coat-hangers) to detect what you yourself are aware of on a more subtle level than normal, the level of meanings, just as you know what blueness is even when not seeing that colour. You use a sequence of yes/no questions to find things out and then ask for any changes (i.e. you act from a more subtle level than your normal will). Because it's all about the meaning of things you can dowse, to some extent, on a map as if you were there physically. You'll just have to try it for yourself... (the British Society of Dowsers may have a group near you). They do have some introductory articles: an overview, and in more depth.


What's being offered here is to a significant degree experimental. I don't claim it is effective against any particular personal symptoms, and it certainly doesn't replace any medical treatment (I don't like the term "alternative medicine" at all). But people have benefited from it, and maybe when a lot more is known and understood this paragraph can be rewritten.


If you would like to ask anything or to speak on the 'phone please email me and if necessary ask for my mobile number (I'm afraid I don't have a landline).

other healers

These healers also offer house healing and use dowsing, and have their own write-ups of what it's about, which may be helpful:
Credit: USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest. Sep 2009. Altered by Patrick Herring.


spiritual healing


I have degrees in Philosophy (from Durham) and in Artificial Intelligence (from Imperial College) and I have worked for many years as a computer programmer, even as a research assistant in AI at a university (Sheffield). So I'm a bit geeky, but some years ago I followed up an instinctive interest in dowsing and discovered a whole new world. It's a natural path into the metaphysical realm, which is both cerebral and intuitive. The usual association is with finding underground water, but there are several major themes: one is healing on the metaphysical or spiritual levels, another is dowsable qualities in the landscape, particularly around stone circles and the like.
My main introduction to healing was the experience of having my own aura cleared, which means the levels of my own meaning freed of things that aren't me, mostly ghosts. I could see, or at least feel, quite clearly the character of these spirits, none of which were in any sense bad, just confused, in shock, incapable of movement etc. At one point I suddenly felt weepy, out of the blue, and the healer reported that it was a child, too frightened to move, so needed help. At another there was someone who had had breathing difficulties, and it turned out after that that presence had been one small cause of my own asthma. Afterwards I felt totally clear, like a perfectly cleaned glass.
Since then I've used these techniques many times in various contexts, often learning from the experience. For example, recently I found (by dowsing my own aura) that a spirit had attached itself to me and I thought I should help it move on. But having made contact and suggested he, for it was a he, could go on to the Light, he just folded his arms and declared he wasn't going anywhere, things were much more interesting here. I didn't inquire about what he was comparing here with. Thinking I had a real problem I told him I couldn't force anything, and was going to break contact so as to go ask people I know who might know more. But by an insight, whether my own or given, I asked for him to be shown something of the Love of God, at which his face fell for he was seeing the bigger picture properly and realised he had to go, and he did, at least that was my mind's eye perception. It isn't usually that clear and instructive.


I don't charge anything for this spiritual healing. I don't think it's wrong to do so but it is for me. However, time is spent and work is done, and to make it possible to spend more time I can suggest a donation. The amount is entirely up to you, sorry about that :-). Details will be in the email you'll get when the healing intervention has been done.


spiritual healing

the procedure

goes like this:
  1. you enter your details as below,
  2. I dowse the address remotely for problems at the spiritual level and show what's found (by email); if a map is supplied it will show the physical locations for those things for which that makes sense (an example).
    1. whether there are permissions, other than yours, needed for the healing to proceed, e.g. from other people living there. This isn't just for ethical and professional reasons, the dowsing and healing happen at a level where not having permission can prevent effectiveness. There can be difficulties with this, e.g. for a flat it needs not only the occupants' and the landlord's but that of everyone living in the physical building.
    2. spirits or ghosts attached to the property (what Tom Hanks etc do in Ghostbusters is decidedly inadvisable, and certainly ineffective!),
    3. lines of "energy" with their negative/positive quality on a scale of -100% to +100%,
    4. singular points measured as with lines,
    5. physical objects (e.g. crystals) measured as with lines,
    6. guardians; this is mostly about old houses having had a deceased animal buried in the foundations as a sort of eternal guard dog, which can become disturbed and hence give a negative effect,
  3. you decide (by clicking a button) to go ahead with any healing intervention that's implied by the findings (or cancel the whole thing),
  4. I use dowsing to change qualities as appropriate, and you are then notified by email,
  5. you can now give feedback (four general questions), and if you wish also after two weeks and after two months.


These are the things needed to make an investigation (the house map is optional) - none of this data is given to anyone else without your permission:

your name

email address

This is the email address that is used to communicate the various stages.

house address

Please include the country if not the UK.



Your description of the situation, if you wish.

house map


if you'd prefer to send it by post (the address will be sent by email).
This doesn't have to be more than a sketch on A4 paper. The kind of maps estate agents produce are fine. Do include the grounds the house is in, if any, and which way is north. It's possible to produce an adequate electronic copy with a 5MB 'phone camera or similar. If you have a map already just not as a separate image file, e.g. in a .doc file, send that anyway and I'll sort it out. An example of what's meant is here: mapAndHealingExample.jpg.


not yet  yes  - clicking this means you give permission for the investigation to proceed.

healing stage

awaiting new entry

Torrent Walk, Dolgellau, UK, © Patrick Herring, Aug 2012


spiritual healing

research papers

1  "The Risk Factor of Place on Health"
Dr Günther Schneck, 1999, retrieved 2012.12.04 from http://www.britishdowsers.org/EEG_site/archive,
summarizing in English:
"Risikofaktor Standort: Rutengängerzone und Mensch; wissenschaftliche Untersuchung zum Problem der Standorteinflüsse auf den Menschen"
Bergsmann, Otto, 1990, University Publishing House Facultas, Vienna
"Overall, of 24 biological/medical parameters twelve showed significant to highly significant effects of GSPs (Geopathic Stress Places), five showed trends and six showed no effect. Bersgsmann, a recognised expert in medical statistics, concludes that there exists a disturbance of the regulatory systems of the body by an unknown form of energy. Geopathic stress places (GSP) are not the cause of illness but are definite risk factors which contribute to other risk factors."
2  "An evaluation of the health effects of healing sick houses"
Victoria Wass Ph.D, Ann Procter U.K.C.P. (retd), Roy Procter C Eng. F.R.Ae.S, December 2001,
retrieved 2012.10.21 from http://www.procterdowsing.co.uk/research.htm
"A significant improvement in health is reported after the dowsing and healing intervention. This improvement is apparent for general health and for the 26 individual symptoms. 81% of respondents reported an improvement following treatment in at least one of the symptoms which prompted their application for treatment. For 60% of respondents, the dowsing and healing intervention resulted in an improvement in their general health."
n.b.  This paper gets rather technical, since it's the real statistical deal. Dowsing Today (vol 40 no 282) published a usefully informal summary.


This a summary of feedback given to date. It counts as evidence but not as proof. To make a scientific proof you would need a control group of cases where no healing took place to show the degree of placebo effect, an assessment of change independent of the requestor's judgements, a survey to establish whether these self-selecting cases are representative of the general possibilities, control over whether other treatments are being carried out in the same time period, an objective measure of the sensitivity of individuals to this type of treatment, also of the effects on different symptoms, and a test of how these particular questions and their wording affect the answers, and when you've done all that you'd still need to find a journal that would publish it, which is a big ask. Nonetheless, it's interesting! Have a read of the paper referenced above. It ticks most of those boxes, but requires much more activity by the requestors.

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