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I have worked in education for 16 years, and for the last three years I have specialised in sustainable education.
In this time I have gained extensive experience, introducing a wide range of new ideas and activities to a school that did not have a developed sense of sustainability. I followed the Eco-Schools scheme (for which I received training in 2009) and the school is now preparing to apply for its first Green Flag.
My background is in English teaching, in four very different London schools. I have taught in two independent girls' schools (Palmers Green High School and Channing School) and I am now working as a sustainability adviser to the independent sector.
As a teacher and former KS3 Co-Ordinator and Deputy Head of Years 10 and 11, I have a very realistic understanding of schools and their priorities. I appreciate the importance of organisational structures and procedures, and the need for a cooperative and consensual approach to change.
If you have not yet considered how your school could become more sustainable, or if you would like advice and practical support with a specific project, I can help.

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