ghost whispering

ghost whispering

is meant by ghost whispering
do this?
is this done?
and where I come from
from experience
for doing this
various bits and pieces
Roundhay Park, Leeds, UK, © Patrick Herring, May 2009
 ghost whispering


I've found I can detect a person's ghosts, and clear them to a better place, which I understodd from the first without knowing why. Other terms are exorcism which the churches practice, but I keep coming across the experience that they use anger, treating the ghost as bad thing doing the haunting deliberately, which doesn't work, and bad to make them angry and afraid, and ghost busting as in the film, but I prefer the term ghost whispering because that's much calmer and subtle but you still know what is meant. There is an effect from how the person died, which gives a quality of karma Reasons for them being there: inertia (too afraid to move), incomprehension (they don't realise they've died)
 ghost whispering


When my aura was first cleared I felt unbelievably clean, like a glass in a dishwasher advert where someone dives into bright icy water. This lasted for two weeks.

People who knew me said the look in my face was much more open then before.

I can't guarantee you'll have the same experience, some I've treated have none.

Reasons for them being there: inertia (too afraid to move), incomprehension (they don't realise they've died), We're all familiar with the various levels in life: the physical body, the chemical nature of food, the communicating nerves, being a biological individual, taking part in social contexts, and problems and remedies in each of them. But there are others: emotions, dreams, thoughts, meanings, qualities, experienced as the subjective, in which there also can be problems and remedies.
aspens, Autumn
 ghost whispering


it's basically about applying protection from adverse spiritual attention, dowsing to detect the ghost's presence, saying "hello", finding out if they can move, that they can see the bigger light which is the way forward for them, and getting them to make the move, and believing the answers (which are all in the mind's eye).
 ghost whispering


I have degrees in Philosophy (from Durham) and in Artificial Intelligence (from Imperial College) and I have worked for many years as a computer programmer, even as a research assistant in AI at a university. So I'm a bit geeky, but some years ago I followed up an instinctive interest in dowsing and discovered a whole new world. It's a natural path into the metaphysical realm, which is both cerebral and intuitive. The usual association is with finding underground water, but there are several major themes: one is healing on the spiritual levels, another is dowsable qualities in the landscape, particularly around stone circles and the like.

My main introduction to healing was the proof of having my own aura cleared, which means the levels of my own meaning freed of things that aren't me, mostly ghosts. I could see, or at least feel, quite clearly the character of these spirits, none of which were in any sense bad, just confused, in shock, incapable of movement etc. At one point I suddenly felt weepy, out of the blue, and the healer reported that it was a child, too frightened to move, so needed help. At another there was someone who had had breathing difficulties, and it turned out after that that presence had been one small cause of my own asthma.
Torrent Walk, Dolgellau, UK, © Patrick Herring, Aug 2012
 ghost whispering
I'm a Type 1 diabetic, which is all about maintaining the balance of carbohydrate & insulin

When I get another ghost, which happens about every 6 months, I find that balance won't respond to changing amounts of insulin, which is stress, that must be that the stress from no ghosts to one ghost is more significant than 70 (which I had had) which the body gets used to, but the balance is restored by going through the procedure to move them on, so that's why I can believe it's true.
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your name

Charge - the same as a good haircut, about £40-£50, because my first teacher was also a hairdresser, so that's what I was charged. Discounts are possible. I need your permission to change your aura, and your name to identify you. It takes about one hour but I don't do this as soon as possible.
Torrent Walk, Dolgellau, UK, © Patrick Herring, Aug 2012
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